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"The popularity among the most exacting customers of «Kryshtaleva Kupel» products is based on three foundations: crystal artistic taste, strong ability to work and responsibility for each forged article". The company keeps these principles since the beginning of its foundation, since 90-ies already. In this period, constantly working and improving, we gained considerable experience in blacksmith’ s occupation. Our work is an individual development, producing and installing the artistic forging works.

Mykhailo Pelepko, the director of the company, didn’t see himself as blacksmith. During his life he tried many different occupations, but when started this one, he understood that he found himself. To create the beautiful;— is his calling.

A well-coordinated team of the best masters, people both businesslike and creative, work in the smithy. Among them are: a designer, engineers, welders, installers and, of course, the best smiths. By the way, for works acquiring something new each time, many designers are engaged apart from the permanently working one. That’s why, having absorbed the imagination of each of them, the metal products become unique and authentic.

From time immemorial a human being aspires to safe and stable life, not forgetting the aesthetic side of the matter. And it’s of no importance what he created: either embellished morose silhouettes of castles, or created arms and agricultural implements, or ordered articles of home usage — he always turned to metal grandeur.

It led to spreading the popularity of smiths’ produce because they gave originality and beauty to any everyday interior or exterior. Look around. You will see lots of forged products — metal fences, gates, wickets, railings, forged furniture, chandeliers, mirrors, souvenirs and many other things. Our works are presented not only in Chernivtsi region, but also in other cities of Ukraine and abroad. Numerous diplomas from exhibitions and festivals of blacksmith’ s art also affirm company success.

The range of our works constantly grows. The company reputation is supported by the work of skilled specialists of forging — their great experience, professional attitude towards clients’ interests and guarantee for produce quality. In master’ s hands the heavy metal acquires lightness, grace and beauty.

Visit us. We will be happy to see you among our customers. We can assure you that you will love Metal Art the same we did.

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