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If you are tired of total industrialization, if you feel «nostalgia» for individuality and non-standard design, you have visited just the right site!

Welcome to smithy «Kryshtaleva Kupel»!

The demand on artistic decoration of streets, houses and interiors really revives and becomes more and more popular. Masters of old blacksmiths’ works resume traditions development.

Forged articles become an integral part of architecture, landscape. The combination of seemingly opposite things — firmness and cold of iron, and beauty and daintiness of design — allows creating unique, exquisite articles, which keep warmth of artist’s hands.

A decoration of flat, house, plot etc with original, fine and reliable things, giving some individuality to a dwelling will be made by our highly qualified masters, who become proficient in old art and create real masterpieces! These people are really creative; they mastered the art of subduing the metal, when the work and a man become the whole. Only in that way a masterpiece is born.

Having visited our page About, you will get to know more about people, who work in «Kryshtaleva Kupel», people with as strong as iron spirit and as hot as fire hearts. Each of them has his own manner and style, create exclusive forged products.

The company constantly takes part in various Ukrainian and international festivals, dedicated to blacksmith’s art, gets rewards for taking active part.

If you have decided to decorate your dwelling from outside or to add original details to interior, the best way to do it is with the help of artistic forged products. They can be used in different places. This can be gate with marvellous patterns — the first thing people who visit you can see. A forged fence in artistic manner will look more attractive than the usual one.

Forged interior things and furniture (beds, chairs, tables, stands, shelves, chandeliers) will make your dwelling exceptional and elegant.

You have a croft, a yard. Have you ever thought about adding some zest to your landscape? Forged chargrills, garden houses, benches, tables — just exact what you need. This and many other things can be made in our smithy.

You may have own custom design, realizing your fantasy, because artistic forging has no limits and allows fulfilling numerous design projects. Our products are notable for its individuality, artistic beauty and high quality.

Make your dreams come true; add peculiarity to the landscape or interior. You order will be made at the earliest possible date and according to your demands and wishes.

So, welcome!. We are glad to cooperate with you!