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Furniture, interior accessories, decor

Sometimes, there appears a wish to add something in seemingly perfect interior. Various decorative forged articles may become just this detail, as, for example, vase or bottle-stand, picture or mirror frame, a souvenir. The popularity of forged products is explained by the fact that they complement perfectly any interior, give unique look.

Furniture made with the help of artistic forging will give individuality to the house regardless of the chosen style, because such products look exquisite at any fashion. Besides, forged things are long-lived and reliable. Tables, chairs, benches may change your dwelling completely. Forged furniture is convenient and practical for landscape of gardens and parks; it is not influenced by moisture and temperature difference. The combination of forged parts with different materials (wood, cloth, leather) is a considerable advantage.

Forged chandelier in the room or lantern for a yard as if evokes the atmosphere of the past, the atmosphere of romanticism. Fantastic bends of forged metal wonderfully harmonize with vegetation in gardens and parks. Weather vanes do not only show the wind direction, they become the real work of art, a kind of house talisman. Everything of that and much more is created by our masters to your order.
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